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From £220

Procedure Time

45 minutes

Recovery Time


Result Duration


Skin Boosting Non-Surgical Treatment

Mesotherapy skin rejuvenation is a complete boost to the complexion making the skin glow and feel tight. Depending on your specific case, 4 -6 sessions will be required.

Results will be most visible after the 2nd to 3rd treatment as your body will then have started to process the treatment and re-produce its collagen. The results will continue after the treatments have been completed. Mild swelling may usually occur between 2-5 days. You may get some small pin prick bruising if you are sensitive.

If you would like to book a consultation, we are open from 10.00am – 8.00pm Monday to Friday.

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Womn receiving mesotherapy treatment

The Results

  • Rejuvenated skin
  • Tightened skin
  • A more youthful glow
  • Reduced wrinkles & fine lines
  • Better skin complexion
  • Improved skin texture & appearance

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The Procedure

  • Prior To Treatment

    Avoid taking anti-inflammatory tablets like ibuprofen and aspirin 24 hours before your treatment to avoid the risk of excessive bruising. Mesotherapy is performed by multiple injections to deliver the product to the skin. Please avoid working out just before your session, and avoid alcohol 24 hours before your treatment.

  • Treatment

    Mesotherapy skin-boosting is a face treatment that concentrates on the lower part of the face to create rejuvenation, subtle volume, subtle lift and a collagen boost where the skin starts to sag or get slack and lose volume and glow.

  • What To Expect

    When providing Mesotherapy, the correct product for your needs is decided before treatment begins. The skin can be numbed if required. Using injection, the treatment starts with minimal discomfort. Slight redness of the skin will appear and sometimes mild swelling in the injection sites. Treatment time 30-60 mins.

  • After Treatment

    Because of the multiple injection technique used to administrate the mesotherapy, it’s widespread to develop bruising around the treated area. We advise using arnica cream on the treated areas until the bruising is gone. We recommend you avoid drinking alcohol on the day of your mesotherapy session due to its blood-thinning capacity.

Mesotherapy FAQ

Is mesotherapy skin boosting safe?

Mesotherapy skin-boosting is a safe treatment to perform and receive when administered by a qualified Aesthetic practitioner. Meso consists of many small dermal, more superficial injections. This treatment is always customised using vitamins or hyaluronic acid. The products we use are CE approved, which continuously maintains the safety of Mesotherapy as a product and, therefore, a treatment.

How many mesotherapy sessions do I need?

You will probably need a course of 4 to 8 sessions, depending on the area and the reason for having meso therapy. For face rejuvenation, you would probably need 4 to 6 sessions; for cellulite reduction, you would probably need 6 to 8 sessions.

How much does a single treatment cost?

We charge £180 per single session; custom-made packages are available. Treatment costs will be discussed and agreed upon on consultation day.

Where can i find Mesotherapy near me?

You can find Mesotherapy treatments at our clinic based in Covent Garden, London. Give us a call today to make your booking!

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I have gone through several cosmetic treatments at the Fiore Aesthetics, all treatments were done professionally and proper advice was provided before the procedure. Results are great and one can see the difference, plus a very pleasant atmosphere. Highly recommended!
Eran Baram
Fiore Aesthetics Client
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