Non-surgical Lifting

Non-surgical lifting, via PDO thread lift or HIFU facelift, tightens skin without surgery using threading or ultrasound.
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Non Surgical Lifting

Non-surgical facelifts are aesthetic treatments that rejuvenate, tighten, and lift the face without the need for surgery. These procedures typically involve less risk, quicker recovery times, and are less invasive than traditional surgical facelifts.

Popular methods include dermal fillers, Botox injections, PDO thread lifts, and HIFU therapy. Each technique targets signs of ageing such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of volume, offering patients a fresher, younger-looking appearance with results that can last several months to years, depending on the treatment.

Upsides Of Non-Surigcal Lifting

Quick & Instant Lifting

Non-surgical lifts offer quick, noticeable lifting results with minimal downtime, ideal for enhancing facial and body contours and skin tightness.

Adjustable & Regulated Enhancement

Non-surgical facelifts offer adjustable enhancements, allowing precise control over the degree and areas being lifted.

Minimal Downtime

Unlike surgical facelifts, non-surgical treatments need minimal downtime. PDO swelling subsides in about 10 days, with HIFU taking roughly 7 days.

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Is a PDO thread lift painful?

During a thread lift procedure, patients receive local anaesthesia to ensure they feel no pain. After the procedure, it is common for patients to experience some pain, discomfort, and soreness. These symptoms will subside within a few days.

A PDO thread lift can last for up to 2 years. PDO threads can be effectively combined with botulinum toxin (Botox) and dermal fillers to achieve optimal results.

Some patients with specific skin concerns may need more than two HIFU sessions, repeated every 6 to 12 months for best results. But, a HIFU facelift can typically last for up to a year.

why choose fiore aesthetics

We are a fully licensed medical aesthetic clinic that strictly adheres to industry guidelines.

All our treatments are performed by highly trained & experienced aesthetic practitioners.

We proudly support the LGBTQ+ community & offer beauty & maintenance treatments for all genders.

We aim to educate clients about the techniques available & what will best suit them.

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Sam Kavanagh
Sam Kavanagh
Cannot rate this clinic highly enough. From initial booking and greeting from Carly who is always so lovely and accommodating, through to the treatment with Flavio. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face. He takes time and pride in his procedures. He makes you feel so special as a patient, he shares advice, he makes you feel safe and talks through everything with you. You leave feeling so confident in your appearance. Flavio’s work is unmatched, truly an artist and a magician.
hema soneji
hema soneji
Oh my word, what an incredibly efficient and friendly place. Forgot my B12 while travelling and I was sorted within a day. Staff are just incredible
Olivia Davies
Olivia Davies
Lovely welcoming clinic,Carly and Marina are fabulous, and I always feel like I am given the best service. I will be back for more treatments soon
I had a fabulous deep cleanse facial by Marina and it was spectacular. Amazing results and just what I needed at the end of a holiday! I’ve been to the clinic on a few occasions for this facial and each time it has been the best! It is the only clinic I will go to for a deep cleanse facial as it has demonstrated better results than any other clinic I’ve been to. Marina did my first ever facial at CF so I was thrilled to have another appointment with her! I really appreciated the time and care she put into my facial. I love how the extraction process doesn’t cause much redness, so when you are leaving the clinic your face isn’t blotchy or painful.
Jason Molloy
Jason Molloy
I’ve been coming to clinica Flore for a few years now and I honestly couldn’t recommended them enough. Always a warm welcome from the team Carly and Marina. The treatment is thoroughly professional and sorts out my chronic rosacea everytime, it’s a 10 out of 10 from me.
Omphile mabo
Omphile mabo
Before going in for my HIFU treatment I did some reading about the procedure, particularly about the side effects. One that had me a bit worried was being blotchy and red as I do have sensitive skin. However, Flavio was so gentle that I didn’t experience any redness after the treatment or pain during the procedure. Their staff is so friendly from the minute you call them to book an appointment to them performing the procedure. They update you with every step of the process so that you are aware of what they are doing to your face. I highly recommend their services they have indeed impressed me and I can’t wait for my next appointment with them. #HappyClient
Franko Briseno
Franko Briseno
I have been to other clinics and it is the first time the staff has been amazing, they showed they are actually passionate for what they do and they do care for the patients. I am over the moon with the treatments I received, I can say I’ve got incredible results. Definitely going back to Fiore for future treatments, and highly recommend it. Thank you so much Flavio, truly appreciate your commitment!
Great combination of the new and improved HIFU and new skin pen with ultrasound! Both treatments combined have massively improved the skin texture and lifting of facial contours, not even 24 downtime and virtually painless in my case, loved it! Would definitely recommend this combo or even as separate treatments as I did see big improvements on each session! Also the clinic is always at such high standards and always immaculately presented! Thank you, will be back!

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