Deep Pore Cleansing

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Procedure Time

105 minutes

Recovery Time

3-5 days

Result Duration


SkinPen with Deep Pore Cleaning

This treatment begins with facial steam and extraction, removing all impurities from the skin. We highly recommend this specific duo for any skin types that are slightly problematic and oily, but all skin types benefit from cleaning before the microneedling begins. This is the ultimate cleaning and collagen-boosting treatment combination.

If you would like to book a consultation, we are open from 10.00am – 8.00pm Monday to Friday.

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The Results

  • Collagen re-production
  • Scars will lessen
  • Fine & deep lines will soften

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The Procedure

  • Prior To Treatment

    The duo of a deep cleansing followed by a microneedling skinpen is one of our star treatments. Please be prepared to have at least 24hours of downtime after the procedure. Aftercare instructions will be provided.

  • Treatment

    The combination of the cleaning of the skin and rejuvenation of the skin pen microneedling is the ultimate treatment. The skin will be cleaned of blackheads, congestion and milia; and prepared for the next stage of the procedure. Your specialist practitioner will be guiding you through the stages step by step.

  • What To Expect

    After the treatment, your skin will be clean & glowing due to the collagen boost. Results take up to 4 weeks for the skin cells to entirely turn over and produce new collagen.

  • After Treatment

    Once you have finished your treatment, all your aftercare questions will be answered. We want to ensure you take care of your skin between each skin pen and cleaning session to achieve the best results and patient satisfaction.

Deep Pore Cleansing FAQ

After the facial, will I be numbed before the micro-needling?

Yes, your skin will be numbed before a micro-needling skin pen treatment with us.

Do I have to have a facial every time?

Not at all. You will be advised by your practitioner each session.

How often can this treatment be done?

We suggest the combined treatment of deep cleaning and microneedling every 4-6 weeks.

Where can i find Deep Pore Cleansing near me?

You can find Deep Pore Cleansing treatments at our clinic based in Covent Garden, London. Give us a call today to make your booking!

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Flávio is an amazing professional - very open, informative, keeps me at ease always and very honest! I love getting treatments with him, my skin looks gorg! The clinic’s staff is super receptive and warm as well. I can’t wait to to back already ☺️
Maria V.
Fiore Aesthetics Client
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