What Are The Best Fat Dissolving Treatments?

Fat Dissolving Treatment

At Fiore Aesthetics in London, we understand the desire for a sculpted, well-defined body. In the world of aesthetic treatments, fat-dissolving injections have become a popular choice for those seeking a non-surgical solution to stubborn fat. Among these, Aqualyx, DesoBody, and DesoFace stand out as top choices. Read on as we uncover these innovative treatments, offering insights into why we consider them some of the best options in the field.

Aqualyx: Precision Fat Reduction

At Fiore, we specialise in Aqualyx, a leading fat-dissolving treatment renowned for its precision in targeting stubborn fat pockets. Ideal for areas resistant to diet and exercise, such as under the chin, abdomen, and thighs, Aqualyx employs deoxycholic acid, a compound naturally found in the body, to effectively break down fat cells. This treatment is a part of our commitment to offering non-surgical solutions for body contouring, focusing on reshaping and refining your natural contours rather than just weight loss.

The Aqualyx journey begins with a comprehensive consultation at our clinic, where our experts tailor the treatment to your specific needs. “Aqualyx stands out for its ability to precisely target and reduce stubborn fat, complementing our clients’ efforts in fitness and nutrition,” says Flavio Refrigeri, clinic director and founder of Fiore Aesthetics. Our qualified practitioners ensure a comfortable experience, with the procedure involving minimal discomfort. Despite the treatment’s powerful impact, most patients can return to their daily routines almost immediately, making Aqualyx a convenient option for those with busy lifestyles.

Post-treatment, clients may experience temporary swelling and redness, but these are simply indicators of the body’s natural response and typically subside quickly. At Fiore, we ensure your experience is seamless and effective, providing continuous support from the initial consultation through to post-treatment care. For individuals seeking a targeted approach to fat reduction, Aqualyx offers a reliable and efficient solution, embodying our ethos of innovative and client-focused aesthetic care.

DesoBody & DesoFace: Tailored Solutions

As a fantastic alternative, DesoBody and DesoFace are specifically formulated to target body and facial fat, respectively. These treatments, similar to Aqualyx, use deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring bile acid, for targeted fat reduction. DesoBody is particularly effective for larger body areas like the abdomen, thighs, and hips, breaking down fat cells for the body to naturally eliminate. DesoFace, on the other hand, is expertly formulated for delicate facial areas such as the chin and jawline, enhancing facial contours and definition.

Our approach with DesoBody and DesoFace is personalised, considering each client’s unique body and facial structure. The treatment process involves injecting a solution specifically tailored for either body or facial fat. This process not only dissolves the fat cells but also permanently destroys them, ensuring that these cells cannot store or accumulate fat in the future. “With DesoBody and DesoFace, we aim to provide a non-surgical solution that targets stubborn fat, offering our clients long-lasting results in body and facial contouring,” explains Flavio.

The procedure for both treatments includes a comprehensive pre-treatment assessment and detailed after-care guidance. Clients typically experience minimal discomfort, with some mild swelling and redness post-treatment, which are normal and indicate the effectiveness of the treatment. Results are usually visible within a few weeks, with the destroyed fat cells being processed and removed by the body. 

Safety & Efficacy

Safety is paramount at Fiore Aesthetics. Aqualyx, DesoBody, and DesoFace are all clinically tested and are administered by our trained and experienced practitioners. While these treatments are generally safe, some common side effects include mild swelling and bruising at the injection site. These usually subside quickly, and our team provides comprehensive aftercare advice to ensure a smooth recovery.

It’s important to also note that these treatments are designed for fat reduction and body contouring, not weight loss. They are most effective for individuals who are close to their ideal body weight but struggle with localised fat deposits.

Why Fiore Aesthetics Is the Perfect Choice for Fat-Dissolving Treatments

At Fiore, we excel in personalised fat-dissolving treatments like Aqualyx, DesoBody, and DesoFace, along with so many more amazing aesthetic treatments. “All of our treatments are tailored to each client’s unique physique and aesthetic goals,” explains Flavio. Whether targeting facial contours with DesoFace or sculpting the body with DesoBody and Aqualyx, our approach is always bespoke, ensuring treatments that not only change appearances but also enhance self-perception and confidence.

Our expert practitioners always prioritise your comfort and safety, offering minimal downtime to seamlessly fit into your busy lifestyle. With a focus on clinically tested methods and comprehensive aftercare, we ensure a smooth, effective journey to your aesthetic goals. Choosing Fiore Aesthetics means selecting a path of tailored care, safety, and transformative results. Book a consultation with us to explore your options for achieving refined and lasting aesthetic enhancements.


Aqualyx, DesoBody, and DesoFace represent the forefront of non-surgical fat reduction treatments. They offer effective, targeted solutions for those looking to refine their body and facial contours. At Fiore Aesthetics, we are committed to providing our clients with the latest in aesthetic innovation, ensuring safe, effective, and personalised treatments. If you’re considering a fat-dissolving treatment, book a consultation with us today to explore how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.


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