Privacy Policy

Fiore Aesthetics takes your security seriously.

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us and we take all reasonable care to safeguard your information through security policies and secure business procedures.



The information that we collect via this web site is limited to personal name and address data which we use solely to be able to provide you with an online service. For example: to provide you with information you have requested. The web site does not use cookies to collect useage information about your visit to our site.



If necessary use a secure browser. Encryption is the process through which sensitive information is scrambled before it is transmitted so that it remains private even if it is intercepted. 128 bit encryption is the strongest encryption currently available, but not all browsers support it.



This website includes links to other sites. We make every effort to provide links to high quality, reputable sites, but we are not responsible for their site content, privacy policies or the services they offer.



Fiore Aesthetics use the information collected about you for internal use (ie. to enable us to distribute information that you have requested) and within Fiore Aesthetics to provide you with other information that we think you might find of interest. We do not distribute or share information to any third party.

If you want us to delete your details from our database, please contact us by email ([email protected]) and ask us to remove your details.

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