3 Reasons Why B12 Injections Have Become So Popular

B12 injections are now a popular treatment listed on the treatment menus of many clinics. But why have they become so popular? In this piece, we explore why B12 deficiency has crept up in our society and how getting the optimal levels of vitamin B12 is so important for your health and well-being.

Vitamin B12 deficiency has become a prominent issue in recent years. It’s not surprising considering our modern lifestyle and diet. Here’s why this is a crucial problem to address:

Vegetarianism and veganism

Whilst we are the last to advocate against a vegan and vegetarian diet (which can be incredibly healthy), many vegans and vegetarians simply aren’t replacing foods such as eggs, meat, and dairy products (all high in B12). Veganism and vegetarianism have significantly increased over the past two decades, but according to studies, 1 in 5 vegans are significantly low in B12 vitamins.

Chief Scientific Officer at the prestigious Quandram Institute was quoted to reflect this, stating:

‘There is a hidden epidemic of vitamin B12 deficiency among vegetarian and vegan populations, and this is a particular concern for women of child-bearing age.’

If you are still trying to breach this gap, B12 injections can provide the essential top-up you need in your diet. Pregnant and breastfeeding women following a vegetarian or vegan diet are great candidates for B12 injections, as supplies of B12 will be lower during these times whilst the baby has its share of the vitamins and nutrients entering the body.

An increase in gastrointestinal issues in adults

Studies published in 2020 by the University of Gothenburg found that 40% of people worldwide suffer from some form of functional gastrointestinal disorder. This 33-country survey, which analysed 73,000 people, indicates how stress and our diet could contribute to reaping havoc on our digestive system (there are already many studies exploring this), but how does this affect our B12 levels?

Gastrointestinal disorders cause excessive use of the gastrointestinal tract, inhibiting the release and absorption of vitamin B12. As an injectable form of B12 will circumvent the tract, there isn’t the risk of the vitamin not getting absorbed correctly by the body effectively.

3 reasons why B12 Injections have become so popular

A preventive mindset

Since Covid-19, many of us are much more informed about our general health and immunity to specific diseases. The knowledge that a lack of B12 can lead to a variety of complications, including anaemia, loss of coordination, infertility and heart disease, is now commonplace. Many people have taken the step to ensure they get the optimum amount of B12 to fortify their defences against such problems.

Better absorption

As we mentioned above, the absorption of B12 can be problematic for certain demographics. Those most affected by poor absorption are smokers, adults over 65, individuals who have had digestive tract surgery, and people with gastrointestinal problems. With many different studies now pointing towards the complications around B12 absorption, it’s no surprise that many people want the guarantee that they are getting this vital vitamin without any complications.

Increased energy levels

In the fast-paced and busy world that we live in, people are increasingly keen to make sure they are functioning at 100% to avoid the dreaded ‘burnout’.

B12 is essential for helping the body create red blood cells, which carry oxygen to all the organs and tissues around the body.

Fiore Aesthetics offers B12 injections in the heart of London; this simple injectable treatment takes just 15 minutes.

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